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Saturday, 10 December 2011

My Year 5 Lesson Plan

Time: 0730-0830
Class: Year 5 (6 pupils)
Theme/Topic: World of Knowledge/World of Stories - Inventions
Specifications: By the end of the lesson pupils are able to

1. listen to simple description
2. talk about inventions and what the are used for.

Vocabulary: download, edit, gears, historic, propellers, reduce
Sentence Patterns: Typewriter

Example   Phrase Level - to type letters
                Sentence Level - The typewriter is used to type letters.
                Sentence Level with reasons - The typewriter is replaced with computers because it is more efficient.

1. Asks pupils to name the electrical appliances and other machines that they have at home.
2. Asks pupils what they are used for.
3. Get pupils to look at the pictures in textbook and talk about them according the sentence level.
4. Asks pupils to write their discussions on a mahjong paper for presentation.
5. Get representatives from each group to present. 
6. Discuss with pupils the responses presented and emphasize the moral aspects.

Moral value: Courage

My Reflection

Pupils give good response while doing the discussion. Even though they only managed to give response in word and phrase level.   

As a whole, the pupils managed to give response according to the sentence level with reasons. The pupils were enjoyed themselves during the lesson. It is because they really interested with the topic.

Pupils really hard to communicate.  They were shy to talk or give response in English.  I'm trying really hard to make them understand. It felt so frustrating when I saw my pupils couldn't understand what I've been talking in front of the class. Might be, pupils scared of me, because my voice was quite loud. 


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